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All rates shown below include full boat hire no matter how few persons travel, though additional per person rates may apply on some services requiring extra catering etc. Different rates applies to Magnetic Island and Townsville pick up and drop off

We do not do split charters unless specifically organised by Utopia Charters.  We do, however, hold names and contact details for individuals who are keen to join a charter if numbers allow.  At times this works well for others or for smaller groups wishing to share the charter cost.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if this situation or arrangement is of interest to you.  Sunset Cruises are available at a per person rate for a 2 1/2 hour cruise but trips are sometimes dictated by minimum number requirements.

All prices stated below are for full boat hire, not individual seats

Corporate and function Crusing: POA - Please call us as there are numerous options.

Island Cruising and fishing: POA - Please call us as there are numerous options.

Cleveland Bay (including Townsville to Magnetic Island transfer):  Up to 14 Persons) POA per hour.

Magnetic Island Local Waters Fishing (Inside the reef):   POA - (Maximum 8 persons).

Bowling Green Bay, 9 hours: POA - (Maximum 8 persons).

Inner Reef, 9 hours:   POA - (Maximum 8 persons).

Outer Reef, 12 hours:   POA - (Maximum 8 persons).

Night Fishing, 24 hours: POA (Maximum 8 persons). Two nights (48 hours) POA (Maximum 8 persons).

Palm Island: POA - (Maximum 8 persons).

Hinchinbrook Island:   Pricing is cruise speed time dependent.  (Maximum 8 persons).

Reef and Coastal Cruises are priced per application.