Reef Fishing

Please note we have two options here, the inner reef or the outer reef and beyond. If you're serious about catching fish, the comparison of fish size and hook up rates when comparing these two location options is worlds apart.

Inner Reef fishing is under two hours away with some of the best eating fish known including Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Cobia and Nannygai.

With such a vast reef area and with minimal fishing the reef at times can really turn it on. You don't know what you are going to catch next.

The deep drop offs also hold large Spanish Mackerel that are cruising the edges waiting for that well presented bait.

Outer Reef fishing is depending on departure location around a 2 3/4 hour fast cruise speed trip each way, but the extra travelling time and money spent on fishing these locations is totally outweighed by the share volume and size of the fish caught in comparison with inner reef locations.

To help you maximise your fishing time, day trips are extended out to a full twelve hours on the water. All 24 hour overnight trips are fished on outer reef locations. On multiple day trips we have the ability to travel even further to some really mind blowing locations.

If you've never deep sea fished on the Great Barrier Reef, be prepared to come home with sore arms and plenty of stories to tell about this very memorable experience.  Everything is supplied except BYO alcohol and some specialist lures (call for details). 

Our experienced deck crew are there to help assist in making a fisherman out of any novice and otherwise generally to make your fishing experience a pleasure. All your fish are either filleted or gutted and gilled for you.

A day fishing the Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettable experience.