Ribbons Reef

The Ribbons Reef is a series of reef systems that run for approximately 80 nautical miles from Cairns to Cooktown.  Stories of massive fish stealing Mackerel from commercial fishermen's lines in the early 60's captured Captain George Bransford's imagination and it was he who, eventually in 1966, weighed the first fish over the 1,000 pound mark and the mighty Black Marlin fishery was born.  

Since that first fish the world’s finest fisherman and new comers to the sport every year travel to the Ribbons Reef on game boats like Utopia.  They live aboard these vessels on the Great Barrier reef to maximize the time to target these monster fish.  It is the only place in the world where the Giant Black Marlin are known to congregate each year.  The Ribbons Reef, along with the waters north from Townsville, has become the most popular destination in the world if you want a real chance of catching a fish over that 1,000 pound mark.

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