Flinders Reef

Extreme fishing, weather it be trolling for large pelagic, popping for monster GT's and other reef fish or jigging for Dog tooth Tuna and other bruisers of the deep, remote locations don't come much better than Flinders Reef.

Utopia offers the opportunity of a limited number of trips to Flinders Reef each year operating as a two vessel trip either with a mother ship or other simular sized Game Boat to ours. Flinders being almost 150 NM from the coast is an extremely isolated but also large reef where certain areas definitely fish better than others at different times of the year. Our crew with years of experience gained from frequenting this reef have all the hot spots sorted out, which after spending considerable time travelling means no time is lost finding the fish. Like the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville and Magnetic Island, where we consider just as good fishing can be had in the right areas, the fish at Flinders are all big or even in some cases much more so.

Forward bookings are essential, call number below for details.